Welcome, New Readers

Just Saying is proud to announce that, with the help of our loyal and loving readers, friends, family and fans, we won the Health & Wellness category of the Baltimore Sun’s Maryland Outstanding Blog Award for 2010. The prize is an ad campaign with baltimoresun.com, aimed to draw new readers to the blog. In anticipation of all the upcoming visitors, we’ve compiled the following smattering of posts to help everyone learn what Just Saying is all about. Happy reading!

Our roots:
Orchard History: Part I
Orchard History: Part II

Going beyond recycling:
Following Waste
To Recycle Bin or To Trash Can

Watching what we eat, especially meat:
The Great HFCS Debate
Don’t Have a Cow
Eating Animals
Chicken Tracker

Keeping it local:
Thin Line Between Commercial and Local
Farmers Markets

University of Maryland
Farmville = Ugh

Watching the food movement in America:
NY Times Food Issue Coverage
Paul Roberts on the Future of Food
Food Movement Rising

Michael Pollen
MP on Diet Reform
MP Encounters

Creature Appreciation
Squirrels, Anything Squirrels, Squirrels = Awesome

Again, these are just a few of the many topics we explore on this blog. We hope you will also browse by typing key search words in the Just Searching Google tab or by going month to month looking for things (or pictures of squirrels) that interest you.

Thanks for visiting!

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