Planted Too Many Greens?

I guess I just don’t believe the seed packet: the spacing requirements or the promise that the seeds will germinate and become full-grown plants one day. A friend of mine who was raised on a farm told me that for each plant you want to grow, plant three seeds (one is for the rabbit, one for another pest, and one for you). For each fall-vegetable plant I wanted this season, I planted about 30 (or more). To my amazement, the seeds all germinated and sprouted. I am in awe of this process each time.

Now, my rows of kale, collards, broccoli-rabe, and radishes are coming in way to thick!

After a visit to Willowsford Farm, I was reminded by their beautiful rows of fall vegetables how large these plants get! So, I came home and started the process of thinning.

I’m left with lots and lots of yummy microgreens. Microgreens are also really nutritious – a recent study this summer found that microgreens contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.

I’m using radish, kale, collard, and brocolli rabe microgreens now in salads and on sandwiches. Take a look at how many I’ve eaten so far.


Next time, I’m going to be scaling back on the number of seeds I plant. But, I love the process of thinning these rows now that I know how to enjoy the fruits of my labor with these healthy, little microgreens.

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