Is this soda serious?

Last week, I caught a few minutes of a news program dedicated to a Coca Cola machine that allows you mix your own flavor through the use of a touch screen (rather than the teenage tradition of just moving your cup around under each fountain nozzle). I thought the machine, called the Coca Cola Freestyle, was brand new but apparently it has been serving up empty calories and cavities since 2009.

Not to be outdone, Pepsi has kept up in the flavor game by offering their own array of unusual flavors that are sure to turn your stomach:

Ice cream flavored Pepsi is available in Russia. White yogurt flavored Pepsi is available in Japan. I can’t believe people are really drinking this stuff. (See more here)

1 thought on “Is this soda serious?”

  1. I did a double take myself when I glimpsed one at a BGR The Burger Joint in Columbia I stopped at after last year’s Preakness. Starving and overtired (from working, not drinking), I thought I was hallucinating. BTW, the guy in the video could use a shot or two of Coca-Cola concentrate. He’s not nearly as excited as he should be about this awesome machine. I suppose it speaks for itself.

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