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Here at compost2themoon.com we feature the blerge (blog+merge) of a journalist-blogger and an at-home-cook who share a love of the environment, growing food, and building a stronger local and regional food system in the DC-MD-VA region. You will find reflections on the following:

  •  Organic Matters: A discussion of recent events, news, happenings, and items of interest locally and around the world relating to sustainable agriculture and the environment.
  •  Kitchen: Shared recipes and cooking ideas for the at-home-cook.
  •  Cellar: Reflections from at-home brewers and wine-makers as well as reviews and discussions of local beer, cider, and wine.
  •  Garden: Tips, ideas, suggestions, and explorations in the garden.
  •  Farm: Dreaming big about our future farm.

Compost to the Moon is place for the eco-curious to accompany one another as we sort through the latest green news, learn the history and future of food and agriculture, strive for sustainability, reflect on fun encounters in life and nature, and work to reduce not only our carbon footprints, but the footprints of our readers – one carefully considered step at a time. This website resulted from the blerge (blog+merge) of two lifelong-learners seeking to better understand how to improve their careers and lives through knowledge, community, and continuously growing plants, animals, and ourselves.

Compost to the Moon offers two different lenses to view the present and the future.

The Pessimistic Lens: “Let’s pack up and blast off”

There are times when you are reading about environmental catastrophes, massive health hazards, mismanagement of our natural resources, or encounter a nay-sayer or stumbling-block that you feel overwhelmed. The harm humans have inflicted on the environment and one another is tremendous. The risks to health and our future are great. Change and progress is slow. The issues are incredibly complicated and their solutions even more elusive.

It is at these times we say: Compost to the moon! Let’s abandon the efforts here on earth and start to build new soils for cultivation on the moon.

The Optimistic Lens: “To the Moon and Beyond”

While there are times that work to improve our health, communities, and planet are challenging, we are inspired by the infinite possibilities we have to make a difference every day. The opportunities to heal and nurture the earth are exciting and expanding rapidly. Each day we find news of new educational programs, emerging sustainability initiatives, environmentally friendly businesses and ventures, and individuals working to change the world around them for the better.

It is at these times we say: Compost to the moon! Together, we can do anything. We can heal the environment, the food system, and build stronger communities and relationships in the process.

Compost to the Moon seeks to carve out a third path: one that addresses the realities and challenges we are confronted with while remaining hopeful, energetic, and passionate about the work we do each day.

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